Weather in the Upper Peninsula

Many people ask what temperatures are like in the UP and how to plan their trip. 

As you may know, we get all four beautiful seasons here and each one is worth a visit, from Spring growth, to Summer fun, to Fall colors, a Winter wonderland of snowy activities and more. 

There's a season for everyone in the UP. Here are some of the most important things to know.


Here's a graph of the average monthly temperatures throughout the year, specifically in Curtis.

You'll see that May - October temperatures will remain well above freezing, with May to September being the warmest months.

Ice forms on the Manistique Lakes in early-mid December and provides a great place for cold weather sports activities from late December until spring break by the end of March including ice fishing, snowmobiline, cross country skiing, and more. Trails End Resort is open throughout winter until mid-March. Then we re-open again the first week of May each season.


Curtis, Michigan averages around 120" of snow per year, with most of that snow falling in December, January, & February. The averages in the Upper Peninsula range anywhere from 60" around Escanaba to over 300" up in the Keweenaw Peninsula!

This makes Curtis, which is centrally located in the UP, a great destination for winter travelers who want to snowmobile, cross country ski, dog sled (yes there are guided dog sled tours!), and much more! We are less than an hour from some of the best locations for all these activities in the UP, and in many cases, you can enjoy them locally. Not to mention the fantastic ice fishing that occurs right outside your door on the Big Manistique Lake!


Snow can start a few days in November and go into late April. Here's a breakdown of annual snowfall and when:

This chart shows the amount of snow that falls, on average, each month during the year:

  • November: 11"
  • December: 30"
  • January: 36"
  • February: 21"
  • March: 15"
  • April: 5"

The chart below shows that Curtis has around 105 days per year where we receive 1" of snow or more.

 Here's the average number of days of getting 1" of snow or more per month:

  • November: 5 days
  • December: 20 days
  • January: 26 days
  • February: 23 days
  • March: 22 days
  • April: 7 days

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